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Flight Workshop Education Program

The Flight Workshop is a popular hands-on education program about the history, science, engineering and careers behind flight, offered both in an in-house and outreach format. The program utilizes nationally recognized standards based science and engineering curriculum from the partnership between Boeing and Iridescent (Curiosity Machine) and PBS Learning to target schools, homeschools, community groups, and families who are visiting the Museum. Museum staff and volunteers will dive deeper and will challenge the students to put their new knowledge to test and participate in one of our age appropriate engineering builds.

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These programs are generously supported by: Boeing Company and PPG Aerospace


When the Earth Shakes

Exhibition Open Now!

Hold on tight! Get ready for earthquakes and tsunamis! Jump on the Quake Karaoke platform and match an earthquake seismogram! Build your structure, set it on a “beach”, and launch a wave in the 16-ft Tsunami Tank! Then replay the impact in slow-mo and improve your design. Complete Puzzled Earth, the plate tectonic puzzle, before time runs out and the pieces fall! Spin through geologic time to make Earth’s continents move and re-form. Be an engineer as you design and build structures to withstand earthquakes on the Shake Table. Find out what engineers do to keep our world safer…When the Earth Shakes!