Listen: Behind the scenes of Aviation Career Pathways

CR Smith Museum Director of Education Marie Eve Harris and American Airlines Engineer Karon Washington are the powerhouse duo behind the new Aviation Career Pathways program.

Marie Eve, a science teacher by trade, has worked throughout her career to create programming that helps students build self-efficacy and identity in STEM. Inspired by her family, she’s focused on providing students of all backgrounds access to educational and career resources early on so they can pursue life-changing paths.

Karon decided to pursue engineering after a Google search. Now, he is dedicated to ensuring no child determines their future based on a search engine response. Instead, he commits time to increasing students’ exposure to aviation and STEM careers through hands-on experiences and role modeling before the college conversation comes up.

Marie Eve and Karon sat down in a new podcast, Conversations, to give you a glimpse at how the Aviation Career Pathways program came to be and the impact it’s having so far.

Want to volunteer or submit your school(s) for the program? Email education@crsmithmuseum.org.

A note from Marie Eve and Karon

“What we’re trying to do is bridge the gap between communities who may feel overlooked with what the aviation industry needs — young men and women from diverse backgrounds interested in STEM. We want teens to be exposed to all the possibilities for their future. And change the idea that sciences are super difficult fields reserved for a certain type of student to fields of endless opportunity for everybody.”

— Marie Eve and Karon

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