Special Exhibits

The Museum hosts a variety of special exhibits throughout the year.

These special exhibits offer interactive and educational opportunities.

“Flight 1549: Miracle on the Hudson” exhibition open

“…we have had a Miracle on the Hudson.” Governor David Patterson

“Flight 1549: Miracle on the Hudson” retraces the path of US Airways Flight 1549 from its departure from La Guardia International Airport to the emergency landing and evacuation on the Hudson River. This 50 linear foot panel exhibition takes visitors through the quick thinking and determined action of the flight crewmembers was well as the rapid response of the crews of nearby ferryboats and New York City’s first responders who together averted a potential disaster.

“Flight 1549: Miracle on the Hudson” is an abridged version of an exhibition of the same title at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC where the original Airbus A320 aircraft of Flight 1549 is also on exhibit. The CR Smith Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of the Carolina’s Aviation Museum and Freeman Ryan Design (Surry Hills, Australia) in granting us permission to re-use the original exhibitions’ text and design.

Big Blue Blocks by Imagination Playground™ 

Exhibition Open through May 5th, 2018!

Big Blue Blocks is an exhibit for open ended, creative play where kids build a new world every day. Using soft blocks of different sizes and shapes, you can make objects like tractors, animals, and robots or build imaginary places like houses or cities. You can build scenery and then play in it. You can use the blocks to play hide-and-seek. There are no rules – kids decide what and how to play and there are no limits to their imagination. This explorative play is a lot of fun and you never have to do the same thing twice.

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