Permanent Exhibits

From the moment you walk through the entrance, the C.R. Smith Museum entertains and educates visitors with it’s permanent exhibits. These exhibits range from detailed history to hands-on fun exploring the world of flight for the whole family. Take a trip back in time through the Pursuit of Flight film and see real pieces of history and innovation, like the rare Douglas DC-3 airliner!

Entrance Exhibits

In the Museum lobby is a striking sculpture of a bald eagle with the message “Thanks C.R.” The sculpture was created by American Airlines Captain Zandy Carter and presented to the museum. There are also models of the aircraft currently operated by American Airlines and American Eagle, surrounding a globe indicating the airline’s worldwide destinations.

Pursuit of Flight

Pursuit of Flight is our new high resolution 4K feature film. The movie tracks the history of man’s fascination with flight. The basic principles and properties of flight are explained briefly by their respective discoverers. Major milestones throughout the history of flight are highlighted leading up to today’s technologically advanced aircraft and the related systems on which they depend.


Learn how and why airplanes fly, with wind tunnels, computer games and interactive displays explaining the basics of aerodynamics.

Maintaining the Fleet

See how American Airlines mechanics maintain today’s highly complex airplanes. This exhibit includes a gigantic General Electric CF6 engine from the McDonnell Douglas MD-11

C.R. Smith

Photographs, awards and other memorabilia give a biographical sketch of C.R. Smith’s milestones and achievements. “Mr. C.R.” was instrumental in the design of the DC-3 and in shaping the airline industry during his many years as chief executive.

History Wall

The History Wall combines hundreds of historic objects with interactive videos, electronic quiz games and audio exhibits that document American Airlines history through the years.